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‘Energy Box’ Product Development Phase Commissioned

We are pleased to share the news that in collaboration with Pure Energy (REGen) Ltd., we are engaged in the development of a low carbon ‘Energy Box’ product design concept, with the objective to connect domestic properties to a ground source heating system in a simpler, more efficient way.

The product design directly supports CO2 reduction targets as we transition away from fossil fuel supplied home heating to more efficient and sustainable heat energy technology. This innovative solution has the potential to be adopted at scale for both existing heating and new home heating systems.

Improving the design of low-carbon heat technology applications is not just about reducing emissions, it also provides us with the opportunity to improve the quality of the nation’s housing stock and unlock more stable and lower energy bills for customers.

The Energy Box assembly design concept is intended to be installed outside a property and will contain all necessary equipment and systems (within the unit enclosure) to enable a straightforward, efficient connection between both the ground loop array and internal domestic heating circuits on-site.

Energy Box Description

The Energy Box design is a first of its kind integrated solution involving a heat pump and associated controls, all efficiently connected inside an enclosure to provide primarily low carbon heating to domestic customers.

The Energy Box design development will assist in achieving the UK Government’s target of installing 600,000 heat pumps per year by 2028 and is designed to overcome environmental and deployment cost challenges faced currently in transitioning residential properties to a low carbon efficient alternative.

We also envisage significant future potential to enhance the product capability by incorporating a Phase Change Material (PCM) hot water unit within the Energy Box assembly, as well as external solar panels located on top of the unit enclosure, for ancillary energy generation, these features are currently planned during later stages of the product design.

Partnership with National Manufacturing Institute of Scotland (NMIS)

In order to progress the “Design for Manufacture” product phase, we are collaborating with Pure Energy and NMIS to finalise product detailed design elements.

The product modelling exercise will confirm expected loading conditions during all deployment phases, from assembly through to site installation, particularly during lifting and handling activities, to ensure product integrity through assembly, on-site transport, on-site connection, and subsequent operation.

Innovation UK Grant Funding Approval

To complete this scope of work, funding has been provided by Innovation UK.


The UK Government’s Heat Pump Investment Roadmap estimates that up to £1 billion of investment in the manufacturing sector could be unlocked by a growing low carbon heating market by 2028. Boosting the UK’s energy security by moving away from a dependency on natural gas imports to utilising home-generated, low-carbon energy is also an attractive proposition, following recent energy market price hikes.

The Energy Box solution enables us to collaborate with others to expand further into both the low carbon heat technology sector. Completion of this product development phase enables us to reach a milestone in the Energy Box design program, moving a step closer towards prototype development and product commercial viability.

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