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Drilling and testing of trial borehole for community energy project

Prospus Group has successfully drilled and tested a trial borehole as part of the feasibility work we are completing for the Chipping Community Energy project.

This was undertaken earlier this year in the grounds of the Chipping and District Memorial Hall and enables us to better understand local factors that will impact on the design of the ground source heat system. It also enabled us to ascertain how much energy is available in the rock to support the local heat network.

This work will help support Chipping Community Energy in establishing the feasibility of capturing ground source heat in localised shared cluster energy networks operating at ground (ambient) temperature.

The shared ambient loop will be connected to ground source heat pumps in the individual dwellings, and where appropriate supported by solar generation. The ability to develop these small community energy networks, supported by local renewable energy generation where possible, can offer a more cost-effective route to low carbon heating, reducing dependence on imported grid energy, and help make energy more affordable in the longer term.

If you are interested in exploring a renewable energy for your community and the generations that follow, contact us today to see how our team could support you.