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Chipping Community Energy: Up and Running

Prospus Group has been appointed to support the development of a low carbon heat network for the community of Chipping, Lancashire.

With support from the Rural Community Energy Fund (RCEF), the community of Chipping are seeking to transition away from fossil fuels as part of a community strategy to tackle both climate change challenges and crisis surrounding rising energy costs.

Our team will explore and progress an innovative solution that involves capturing heat at ground source in localised shared cluster energy networks which will operate at ground (ambient) temperature. The energy network is known as a “shared ambient loop” and will be connected to ground source heat pumps that are situated in individual homes throughout the village. Where appropriate these heat pumps will be supported by solar generated power.

The ability to develop these small shared ambient loops offers a more cost effective and efficient heat solution for villages like Chipping, helping to make energy more affordable for all within the community.

Phase one of the project saw our Energy team work alongside the Prospus Marketing team to develop a brand identity for the scheme as well as an easy-to-navigate, information-packed website that clearly shares the benefits of the proposed project both to the local area and to the wider environment.

Click here to view the Chipping Community Energy website.

As well as being a source of information, the website will also help the team develop an energy heat map of interested households within the village, enabling households to register interest in securing a free energy survey as part of the project. Once developed, the heat map and energy surveys will shape the conceptual design for the energy system.

Derek Mitchell, Director at Prospus Group said:

The team at Prospus are very excited to be working with the very innovative local community at Chipping. This project and projects like it offer local communities the opportunity to reduce their reliance on imported fossil fuels, reduce energy costs, and reduce carbon emissions. Something I think we can all agree is an important focus not just in the UK, but globally.

David Slater, Chairman at Chipping Parish Council added:

Chipping Parish Council wholeheartedly supports the Chipping Community Energy group in working with Prospus Group as they move on to the Stage 2 feasibility phase of the project. Many Chipping residents face the difficult question of how to replace their existing heating systems with affordable, reliable, low carbon systems. It is hoped that by looking at a community scheme such as this, a solution can be found that can be used by many residents without the burden of substantial up-front costs.

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